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Friday, April 11, 2014

We're not crazy...or are we? - Bio to Bs

 Do-do, do-do...do-do, do-do...think TWILIGHT ZONE MUSIC.

Once upon a time, Barry and I went to Panama City, Florida. It was in early October, the temperature was great, the water was perfect and we had the beaches and hotel mostly to ourselves. One night we were driving back to our hotel which was out on a peninsula and we spotted a tiny red dash in the sky. It blinked off and then there were 2 dashes in a line. Those blinked off and then there were 3.

Barry pulled off the road so we could get a better look. A forth dash appeared and then all of the lights disappeared. These were not tracers. They were too exact and the lines were too straight. We both stared at each other wondering if we had just seen what we thought we saw.
A few seconds later it started all over again, but they were now in the southern part of the sky. Barry decided that he should turn the car lights off since we were beginning to get a little afraid and were feeling very alone and exposed. We sat in the dark for about 15 minutes watching the red dashes appear and disappear and then it was over. We talked about the lights for hours finally deciding it must be some military experiment.

The next morning we grabbed a newspaper on our way into a pancake restaurant. After ordering, we scoured the paper...no suspicious light stories. We chatted with the waitress trying to get info out of her without sounding like "those people that believe in little green men," but she shed no light on the matter.

Years have passed and now, from time to time, we bring up the incident. It seems like if it were a military experiment, we would have heard about it by now. We're still not "those people that believe in little green men," or are we?


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