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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday Giveaway

This week we are giving away a lovely handmade crystal and pearl bracelet with a sterling silver clasp. I used 3 X 4mm clear AB rondelle crystals and a really pretty 9mm freshwater button pearl. The bracelet measures approximately 7.5 inches. It can be worn alone or stacked with other bracelets. 

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Preparation H anyone? Bio to Bs

A few years ago when Barry and I were shopping at our favorite grocery store, we had a not fun thing happen. They had just installed a new check out system that announced each product as they scanned it. The volume was up pretty high, probably so people could hear it over the chatter and noises of a large grocery store.
Allow me to backtrack for a moment. At the time, we had the sweetest dog ever, a beautiful Bearded Collie named, Lacy. Unfortunately, through no fault of her own, she had an addiction to Pup-peroni treats.

Back to my story...so Barry and I go to one of the checkout stations with our basket of groceries. In order to help feed Lacy’s addiction, we had a ton of dog treats. When the checker started scanning the treats, it kept saying Pup-peroniPup-peroniPup-peronithe more times that the computer said itthe more people started looking at us. At first I think people thought that the computer had gone into a loop.

Eventually, everyone in the front of the store had stopped talking, the other checkers had stopped checking and all you could hear was PUP-PERONI…PUP-PERONI…PUP-PERONI… Everyone was looking at us, like we were the proverbial “cat lady” or in this case the “dog gentleman” and “dog lady.” Finally, our checker entered the last one. We quickly paid and hurried out of the store.

When we got to the car I said, “That was embarrassing. Should we start looking for another store?”

Barry replied, “I love that store, maybe we could just start buying our Pup-peroni somewhere else. It could have been worse, we could have been buying Preparation H.”
To that I replied, “We should probably buy that somewhere else too. Maybe we should start a list of things not to buy here.” I have a feeling we weren’t the only ones humiliated by the talking checkout system because the next week when we went back, the volume was so low, it was barely audible…and a few weeks later, there was no talking checkout.

So now, we can proudly march to the checkout station with our cart of Pup-peroni, Preparation H, super absorbent tampons, roach spray and generic gallon bottles of wine. Okay, we don’t drink, but we might have needed to start if they had kept the talking check-out system.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wednesday Giveaway

We've been absent for about a year, so we thought we would start a weekly giveaway to jump start our blog. You should have a pretty good shot at winning since no one knows we're here. =)

To celebrate the unofficial start of summer, we are giving away a pair of Victorian Style Sunburst Earrings. To add a pop of color, Pink Rhodonite nuggets and pink Swarovski crystals were used. The earrings measure approximately 2 inches in length.

Good luck!!

Also, I did an interview on Katie Crafts blog...hope you will check it out. http://katiecrafts.com/featured-etsy-shop-pedoozle/

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Soap Opera Reality Bio to Bs

Most writers steal from real life situations. In our next Emma Wood Novel, Lonestar Lonesome we've included a story from Barry's past.

When Barry was little, he thought his best friend's grandmother, Pearl, was a wise woman. He and his friend would hang out with her for hours and listen to her tell stories and impart "pearls" of wisdom and the meaning of life. She taught them how to change a tire in 17 seconds like they do on NASCAR. She knew who the good and bad wrestlers were and she always kept Barry up to date on her "stories." 

Back in the day before there were reality shows, there were soap operas. Pearl's favorites were All My Children and General Hospital. To Pearl, they weren't just stories, they were real...so real that when Luke and Laura got married on General Hospital, she sent them a wedding gift and no doubt added some of her "pearls" of wisdom on how to have a happy marriage, on the card.

Lonestar Lonesome will be coming out next month. Hope you will check it out and look for our version of Barry's real life story.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Scourge of the Witches - FREE FROM MAY 14TH - MAY 18TH!

The book reads like literature, but scares like pulp fiction.

Taking place in both 1809 and modern day, there is a mystery in this witch's story that will keep you guessing until the very end. And afterwards, turning the lights out and staying in your house alone...will be unthinkable.

Check it out!

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